Canaqua Sports SwimRun Challenge

As we head into 2016, Canaqua Sports is very excited to bring this event to Canada for the first time. With roots in Europe, the SwimRun Challenge is an exciting and challenging event where participants Swim and run through a variety of situations and challenge themselves to complete the course. Our first event will be the Muskoka SwimRun Challenge, held on June 12 at Camp Tawingo, just outside of Huntsville.

Having successfully launched the Canaqua Sports Open Water Swim Series in 2015, Canaqua Sports is now looking at producing this unique event as we look to bring new and exciting races to the Canadian Market.

While SwimRun events can range in distances and terrain covered, the following features tend to be common throughout:

-Multiple legs, whereby the athletes alternate being swimming and running numerous times
-Unpredictability.  A key feature not just in the leg variations, but also on a year-to-year basis.  Part of the challenge is completing the course no matter what conditions are present.
-Fewer regulations when compared to ITU or IM events (triathlon)
-Swimming aids (Paddles, fins, pull buoys and wetsuits) are permitted, but must be worn/carried during the run.  Likewise, running shoes must be worn or carried during the swim.  This juxtaposition of events lends much to the conflict of strategy faced by participants



Canaqua Sports has chosen Camp Tawingo in beautiful Muskoka as the location for our first ever SwimRun Challenge. With its variety of terrains, combined with a great lake to swim in, this event should prove to be a major success. This race will be run in conjunction with the Muskoka Epic Island Swim bringing great crowds and excitement to this event.



June 12, 2016



The total distance for the Muskoka SwimRun will be approximately 19k broken down as follows. Please note that the final course is still being worked on. 

A Swim 500m A Run 2k
B Swim 500m B Run 4k Run
C Swim 1k C Run 2k
D Swim 1k D Run 5k
E Swim 500m E Run 1.5k

There will be checkpoints, with competitors retrieving tokens which must be turned in at the end of the race to verify completion.



All participants will be able to register for this event at

Final plans are still in the works, as we prepare to present this unique event to all who are interested in challenging themselves in water and on land. It is our plan to add more SwimRun races to our schedule of events. We invite all who are interested in more information to please contact

Ian Feldman
Canaqua Sports Inc.