May 9th, 2015

Swimming Canada produced a touching video to celebrate the life of Canadian Olympic Team Coach, Randy Bennett. Yesterday, May 9th, a celebration of his life was held at the place where he spent much of his time, the time he gave to his swimmers to help them succeed in and out of the pool; Saanich Commonwealth Place.

Bennett passed away on Monday, April 27th after battling cancer. He stepped off-deck in February  to begin radiation therapy.

“Randy faced cancer, malignant melanoma, with the same tenacity with which he coached,” said national team physician Steve Keeler, who had been acting as Bennett’s primary physician throughout this situation, working alongside a team of specialists. “Despite the rapid progression of his disease Randy remained focused on his family and the athletes he coached.  His strength through this journey was impressive.”

SwimSwam contributor Jeff Grace, a personal friend of Bennett, wrote a beautiful article about how Randy Bennett was much more than just an Olympic Team coach. That can be found by clicking here.


Source : Swim Swam