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Team Sales

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Don't have a Team Sales account? Get started in 3 easy steps!

Getting your Team Sales page set up is fast and easy.


Sign up for a free account.


Follow instructions, which we'll email to you, to customize your Team Sales page by:

  • Adding your logo and writing an introductory paragraph for your visitors
  • Defining your team groups
  • Adding recommended products to your customized groups
  • Publishing your custom team sales page to make it live.


Share your unique Team Sales page link with team member by:

  • Adding link to your team website
  • Adding link to your social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter)
  • Including link in your newsletters
  • Email link to team members.

Pass on the savings and share your unique Team Aquatic Supplies coupon code(s) with team members and team friends and family members.

Create a customized shopping page for easy online ordering for your team

Team Aquatic Supplies invites you to join many other team managers who enjoy the advantages of having a customized online Team Sales page. It’s easy to set up, a pain-free way to manage your team’s swimwear, equipment and accessory purchases and everyone saves money!

Set up your Team Sales page today and enjoy the benefits:

Fast and simple set up

  • Customized web page including your logo, short description and products and accessories recommended for your team
  • Simple to set up groups and their specific products
  • Takes the hassle out of managing your team purchases
  • Contact us at any step of the way if you need help

Easy for everyone to use

  • Easy access to view all products required for team members
  • Easy for team members to place orders
  • Convenient for team manager(s) to place group orders
  • 24/7 access––saves time and stress free
  • Order tracking and history easily accessible online

Super service

  • In stock items ordered by 12pm (location time) ship within 24 hours
  • Team Aquatic Supplies standard hassle free returns policy
  • Email order confirmation so you know your order has been received and is being processed
  • Contact us if you have any questions while ordering online

Everyone one saves

  • Team members enjoy 20% discount on all purchases
  • Spread the savings to team friends and family members
  • Your team gets a credit back on all orders placed using your team coupon code
  • Team manager orders are also discounted

Save time

  • A Team Sales page saves your team manager a lot of time managing team purchases!
  • Makes ordering easy and saves time for your entire team

It’s a win/win savings program. Don’t wait, sign up for your Team Sales account today!

Spread the savings to team friends and family members

The saving goes further than just your swim team. Once your Team Sales account is set up, if you choose to add on our Team Family & Friends discount program, we’ll send you a coupon code just for them. Share it with team friends and family members so they too can join in on the savings. By using your coupon code they’ll enjoy a discount on every purchase. And your team will get a credit back on every purchase made by your team friends and family using your coupon code.

There’s no limit to how many team friends and family members use your coupon code.

Sign up for a Team Sales page

Just fill in the form below and we will contact you once your account is set up and provide you with instructions on how to customize your new Team Sales page.

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Team Sales support as you need it

Our friendly, knowledgeable customer service specialists are standing by to help you every step of the way as you set up your Team Sales page and start to place orders.

Contact us if you:

  • need help setting up your Team Sales page?
  • need help placing large orders?
  • need to order a special item or logoed goods*?
  • need your products customized with a team logo?
  • are looking for advice on product selection
  • want us to come to a swim meet?
  • want to make a suggestion or recommendation?
  • have feedback for us about our service?
  • have general questions?

* Team Aquatic Supplies offers team logoed items. Contact a customer service specialist for help placing your order.

Call one of our customer service specialists at 800 234 4833 between 9am and 5pm PST (or if calling before 9am PST, find a location near you) or email your question and we’ll get right back to you.