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Wish List

Learn how creating a Wish List can make shopping even easier

A Wish List lets you save items you really like to own in one place. Once your Wish List is set up, you can go there to buy. Or you can share your Wish List link with friends and family and let them buy your selected items for you!

How to use and maintain your Team Aquatic Supplies Wish List

Login to your account

  • To view use your Wish List you must first login to your account (if you do not have an account create one here) and then navigate to My Wish List.

Adding Items to your Wish List

  • Simply start shopping. When you find an items you’d like to add to your Wish List, click Add to Wish List from any product detail page and it will automatically be added Note: Discontinued products cannot be added to your Wish List.

Finding and managing your Wish List

  • Any time you want to review your Wish List, make sure you are logged into your account and select My Wish List and you will see all the items you have added to your Wish List
  • From your Wish List page you can remove items at any time

Buying Items on your Wish List

  • To buy an item you have added to your Wish List, go to your Wish List, add the item to your shopping cart and go to Checkout to purchase it

Sharing your Wish List

  • You can share your Wish List with friends or family members by going to your Wish List and selecting Share Wish List. Invitees will be able to buy you any item on your Wish List.